Still Diesel and LPG Forklift Truck Type RC40-25, RC40-30: 4019, 4020, 4036 Operating Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Still Diesel and LPG Forklift Truck Type  RC40-25, RC40-30. 
Original factory manuals for Still Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable and contains Searchable Text
Covered models:
Format: PDF, 190 Pages
Language: English
    1. Introduction
        Truck data
        General information
        Explanation of information symbols used
        Delivery of the forklift truck and documentation
        CE labelling
        EC declaration of conformity in accordance with Machinery Directive
        Servicing and spare parts
        Type of use
        Engine emissions
        Working conditions
        Driving on public roads
        Changes and retrofitting
        Using attachments
        Using working platforms
    2. Safety
        Definition of terms used for responsible persons
        Operating company
        Safety Regulations
        Exhaust gases
        General safety regulations
        Ground condition for using the truck
        Safety Regulations Relative to Forklift Use
        Residual dangers, residual risks
        Safety regulations in case of accidental lateral tipping
        Safety regulations for LPG fuel systems
        Commissioning of LPG-fuelled trucks
        General safety rules for liquid gas
        Exercise caution when handling gas springs and accumulators
        Safety regulations for handling consumables
        Permissible consumables
        Hydraulic fluid
        Battery acid
        Disposal of consumables
        Environmental considerations
        Disposal of components and batteries
        Placement of data plates and labels
        Description of data plates and labels
        Safety features
        Non-ionising radiation
        Medical equipment
        Safety tests
        Regular safety inspection of the truck
    3. Information about the truck
        General forklift view
        General front view
        General rear view
        Internal view
        LPG system components
        Components of the 3-way LPG system (variant)
        Instrumentation and Controls
        General view of dashboard
        Ignition device
        Lighting and turn indicator switch (variant)
        Operating lever
        Lever lock (variant)
        Fork arm emergency lowering procedure
        Warning horn;
        Parking brake
        Brake pedal and Inching pedal
        Direction selection lever
        Dual pedal version (variant)
        Adjusting the position of the steering wheel
        Adjusting the MSG 20 driver's seat
        Adjusting the MSG 65 driver's seat (variant)
        Document holder (variant)
        Seat belt MSG20
        Driver's cab
        Driver's cab use
        Driver restraint systems (variants)
        Operator restraint system with gate (optional)
        Instrument panel
        Control buttons for accessory variants
        Heater and air conditioner control panel (optional)
        Sun visor (optional)
        Interior light (optional)
        Internal parts
        Internal accessibility with cab
        Internal accessibility
        Fuse and relay location
        Identification points
        Location of Data Plates
        Chassis number
        Capacity plate without equipment (standard)
        Capacity plate with integrated side shift (SLI)
        Capacity plate with equipment
        Lubricants plate
        Engine plate
    4. Use and Operation
        Truck Transport and Lifting
        Transporting the truck
        Lifting eye bolts
        Environmental conditions for transport and storage
        Loading and unloading the truck
        Commissioning the truck
        Checks and Inspections
        Daily checks before use
        Checking the cap on the high-pressure relief valve on the outside of the LPG system
        Visual inspection and smell check of the gas system
        Checking the condition of the tyres
        Check chain tension
        Coolant level checking procedure
        Engine oil level checking procedure
        Brake fluid level check
        Transmission oil level inspection procedure
        Check axle oil level
        Seat belt conditions and performance check
        Gate screws tightening check (optional)
        Changing the LPG bottle
        Using the truck
        Opening the tap of the gas bottle or gas tank
        Climbing on/off the forklift
        Fastening the seat belt
        Starting the truck
        Driving - Single and dual pedal version (variant)
        Changing direction of travel
        Braking/stopping the truck
        Leaving the truck
        Closing the tap of the gas bottle
        Load Placement
        Adjusting the fork arm distance
        Picking up a load
        Setting down loads
        Forklift towing
        General information
        Personnel qualifications
        Preliminary maintenance operations
        Truck scheduled maintenance
        Summary table of maintenance operations
        Maintenance as Required
        Cleaning the truck
        Cleaning the seat and seat belt
        Cleaning the cyclonic filter (variant)
        Cleaning the spark-proof silencer (variant)
        Regenerating the soot particle filter (variant)
        Greasing the lifting chain
        Replacing bulbs
        Replacing the bulb in a working spotlight (variant)
        Wheel replacement procedure
        Replacing fuses and relays
        Air bleeding from the fuel feed circuit procedure
        Fuel filter water drainage procedure
        Draining the evaporator
        General information
        Temporary decommissioning
        Recommissioning after storage
        Permanent decommissioning (scrapping)
        Supply Table
    6. Technical data
        Overall dimensions
        Technical data
        Alternative lift characteristics
        Tyre characteristics
        Tyre inflation pressure
    7. Diagrams
        Hydraulic diagram
        Gas forklift functional circuit diagram
        Variants circuit diagram
        Functional LPG diagram with 3-WAY catalytic converter
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