SCI 201 Week 2 Matching & Fill-in Assignment

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SCI 201 Week 2 Matching & Fill-in Assignment
Instructions: Matching & Fill-in Assignment Complete and submit Parts I and II of the University of Phoenix Material, "Individual Matching and Fill-in Assignment."
Supporting Material: Matching & Fill-in Assignment
Individual Matching and Fill-in Assignment
Complete both of the following parts. 
Match the following therapies in Column One with their correct description from Column Two. Place the corresponding letter in the space by the therapy.
1.     Part I


Column One


Column Two








A. Correction of damage, disease, or structural change of spine can affect the rest of the body.






Alexander Technique


B. Tension in muscles and misaligned bones places strain on the body as a whole.








C. Method of bringing the way we move under conscious direction to avoid muscular tension








D. A method of diagnosis rather than treatment








E. Approved in 1958 as a useful tool in medicine by the American Medical Association








F. Stimulation of points on the body meridians to improve the flow of chi






Tai Chi


G. Specialized massage of feet or hands to detect and correct imbalances in the body








H. A force field to relax muscles, encourage blood flow, and reduce inflammation








I. In trance state, provider separates his or her soul from his or her body and flies anywhere in cosmos to seek the reason for an illness and find the cure.






Magnet Therapy


J. Extract of natural ingredients are dissolved and diluted; prescribed for the individual and given in the minimum dose.








K. Series of flowing movements used to rejuvenate, heal, and prevent illness and injuries

2.     Part II
Complete the following table using information from both your text and other sources.  Detailing and information provided in each of the Cautions & Warnings cells for each herb should include 20 to 40 words.

Name of Herb

Therapeutic Use

Cautions & Warnings













Ginkgo Biloba









St. John’s Wort



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