InvRestore (DeathLog)

DeathLog PluginCommands:
Currently, the plugin has four commands. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of the plugin is in the GUI system.
  • /dlp find <Player - View all deaths for a certain player
  • /dlp view <Player <ID - View a specific death in detail. Alternatively, just click a head in the 'find' menu
  • /dlp clear <Player - Wipe all deaths for a certain player
  • /dlp migrate <flatfile|mysql - Migrate from one data storage method to another
/dlp is an alias for the command /deathlogplus.

There are five permissions, four of which relate to the four commands. More will be added with the addition of extra features in the future. All default to OPs.
  • deathlogplus.find - Corresponds to /dlp find
  • deathlogplus.view - Corresponds to /dlp view
  • deathlogplus.clear - Corresponds to /dlp clear
  • deathlogplus.migrate - Corresponds to /dlp migrate
  • deathlogplus.duplicate - Allows the duplication of items from the inventory screen
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