*SIGN UP CLOSED* 8 Week Challenge

BestFit 8 Week Challenge is currently closed !

What's included:

  • Supported 8 week online training and nutrition plan

  • Plan is designed for people wanting to lose body fat and improve body shape

  • Immediate contact and ongoing support from me over the 8 weeks

  • Weekly check-ins and feedback

  • Training plan based on 4-5 weight training days per week

  • Gym based plan so you will require access to gym equipment e.g. barbells & dumbbells of varying weights 

  • The plan will last for 8 weeks

  • After the 8 weeks is up, I will select the person who has made the greatest transformation. They will receive 12 weeks personalised online training plan!

Upon purchase you will receive a questionnaire that you must complete and send to me via email to receive your plan.
Note **Currently Closed**.
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