Ultimate Analogue Drum Loop package

300 classic analogue drum-loops lovingly hand-chopped, quantized, looped and warped in Ableton Live

- Use them at varying bpm and count on the flow.

Check out this preview: https://goo.gl/Ows9S7

We plan to keep updating this package and all customers get unlimited lifetime updates of this package as they come in.


  • James Brown

  • Temptations

  • Funcadelic

  • Dennis Coffey

  • Aerosmith

  • Elvis Presley

  • ...

Ableton Project

  • Cropped .wav files

  • Quantized loops

  • Quantized original audio files

Sortable index
You also get a really nice spreadsheet with an index of all the files that can be sorted by Artist, Title, BPM, Key, energy and length for your convenience

  • Artist name (Artist)

  • Track Title (Title)

  • Beats per Minute (bpm)

  • Number of Bars (# bars)

  • Key (From Mixed in Key)

  • Energy (From Mixed in Key)

Original Copyrighted Material

The original files are from a CD called “All the Breaks! - The 300 Most Essential Drum Breaks of All Time” by Mr. Wiggles (Link at the bottom of the page).

Why not just get the original Mr. Wiggles samples? You should, but the raw original files are a mess.

There are three or four samples per file because CD’s used to not be able to hold more than than 100 audio files. Furthermore they weren't cropped, quantized or looped properly so you couldn't really use them without extensive preparation.

We’ve done that work for you and spent a good +100 hours cropping, quantizing and packaging these up in Ableton.

If you prefer saving the $4.95 you can also just download the .wav and .flac files (see bottom of the page)


The work is not perfect and we make no guarantees, but we’ve found it useful live using an APC40 and combined with more melodic clips.

The purchase and use of this material is strictly dependent on you purchasing and retaining lagal ownership of the original audio tracks. If you use the material in your own productions you will have to secure the rights to do so separately and I take no responsibility for copyright issues.

By purchasing this product, you certify to own a copy of the aforementioned original material.

How to

Download the archive and put them inside an Ableton project.

Rename the "Samples - Ableton files" to "Samples" and add the .wav and .flac files to it (see link below)


Chopped and prepped Ableton .wav and .flac files here: https://goo.gl/Pjg7wl

Original Mr. Wiggles shop: http://www.mrwiggles.biz/shop/music-downloads.html
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