Experiencing Abundance: Does Your Cup Runneth Over?

Experiencing Abundance: Does Your Cup Runneth Over?

How can we open up to all that the Universe wants us to have and connect with the natural flow of life? What obstacles to abundance have we created for ourselves and how can we remove them, magically clearing the way for all that we want to flow in without striving or effort?

What if abundance is our natural state and we have only been trained out of it? Have you bought into the common belief that you need to look for abundance outside of yourself? Seeking fulfillment through merely material reality? 

If your answer is,  “Yes”, guess what! You are not the only one! 

Let's meet up to share the experience of a cup that overflows with Magic. Let's greet that natural flow of Abundance in us again and reestablish the connection within ourselves and with Spirit so we can shine with grace and ease in all areas of our lives.

In this workshop, we will explore ways to shift our focus in a new direction that inspires us to BE in the FLOW of receiving all that we want. We will get in touch with what abundance REALLY means to us and discuss tools that allow us to BE in the mystery of this magnificent flow with ease, grace, and joy while letting go of the need to control and dictate the process. 

Taught by: Lada Knapkova and Margaret Mallat
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