Skywars Server (Setup)

SkyWars Premade Server

Hey! This is an updated version of an older SkyWars setup I had made, it has features that the other one did not. First let me say that the spawn is downloaded, the builds are not custom. The setup also includes one premium plugin in LeaderHeads (Config Only) and you will have to buy the jar for that.

I setup LeaderHeads to show the top wins and the top kills at spawn. The players with the top 3 wins will be shown on one side of the spawn and top 3 kills on the other side of the spawn. They will be shown on small armor stands.

The server version is 1.8-1.11.2.

The setup comes with 2 ranks, a Member and a Donor rank.

We have added 4 maps to this setup; Nature, Medieval, Desert, and Mushroom are the maps. I will be showing you the pics for Medieval and Mushroom.

- Fisherman
- Knight
- Magician
- Pyromaniac
- Snowman
- Troll

There are join & spectate compasses and there are join signs at the spawn. The ranks also have some neat prefixes also. Cool LeaderHeads at spawn to show top wins and top kills. Nice looking spawn is also included and many other features.


- You may not resell this as your own work.
- You may not have a refund or chargeback once transaction is through.
- All credit for this setup to me.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Thanks and hope you enjoy the setup!!!
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