Color Correction Pack

You can have 14 exlusive color corrections presets for After Effects CC and 15 color corrections for Magic Buller Looks.

-Dare Cams 107
-Introducing Dare Deft part 1 and 2
-Perfect Prica #7
-Sleep Alone
-ANML 50k Untamed
-Introducing Dare Luxy
-Introducing Dare aal part 1 and 2
-Dare Rivalry Montage
-Base State
-Syn OJay: B4NG B4NG #1
-Still Existing #2

And other special color corrections like:
-Sunset 1 and 2 used for "Sleep Alone" and Wester red CC used in "Base State";
and 15 CCs for MBL.

All presets can only be used if you have After Effects CC or higher.
You need the 3rd part plug-in called Magic Bullet Looks.
If you purchase this pack you accept to only use these for your own personal use and you agree that you will never send any file/s within this pack to anyone. Once purchased there is no refunds.

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