COP 2800 (Java Programming) Project #1  Draw a Logo

Download to use as a starting point.  After installing the JDK, modify this program to display your own business card logo.  Your logo should contain some circles, lines, or rectangles, plus a business name (or just your name or a fake name) as text.  This must be a stand-alone program.

You are expected to use the Java API documentation (the “JavaDocs”) for the Graphics class in the java.awt package, to find the “methods” you use to draw shapes and text.  (Hint:  Look for method names that start with “draw” or “fill”.)

Your logo need not look like the sample.  Try to be creative!  You will not be graded on the artistic merits of your logo, just that you were able to correctly create, edit, compile, and display a Java program that included at least a few of the methods from the java.awt.Graphics to draw stuff, enough to show you made an effort to use the API (or JavaDoc) documentation.  Do not use some logo you didn't create yourself.
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