Goat Crypt Bot to work with Crypto-Games.net

Goat Crypt Bot to work with Crypto-Games.net

The bot works as running of casuals with the martian gale strategy with the playing of the dice game betting with Crypto-Games.net

To work with computer as with the 1440 x 900 pixel screen resolution.

Please sets the details with the initials as bot to run with the selection of value as running with the practice of strategy with the dice game.

Beginning bet pot : The value as bot to put of initials with the records on file (as found by the C drive )

Relative percentage: The spares as bot to adjust initial limit on pot as above preset with the Beginning betpot
The number of 20 should refer of bot to draws of limit between 80 - 120 as with 100 value submission with the Beginning betpot form entry.

Random moves : That is the customs as bot to draws of random mouse pointer movesment between the seconds 0 to the maximum of number as set with the form.

Bet submission form : Please put mouse pointer position as by the next of 8th sathoshi by the bet pot entry form with the CG website as hovering above the position and to press of button Alt + c as ready to capture the coordinate position value with the tooltip box as showing.

Min button, Roll Over and Roll Under : The same practice to put submission as capturing with the use of pressing of button Alt + C as users guess of the best position.

Please use Alt + x button to exit from the bot program.

If have with different question about /to run with the bot please contact us [email protected]
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