Effective mass stream theme kit

More info: http://ronniethezombie.deviantart.com/

Effective mass

Customize your theme however you want

This is my first overlay that I am supplying to the public.

All Items have been exported in PNG format however if you want to edit the custom files you will need photoshop cs6 or above.

It is not nessasary if you don't want to edit the custom files.

Comes with over 180 different objects including:
Over 80 elements for your overlay
3 alerts and sounds
8 presets and banners
10 buttons with an empty one and a custom one

Feel free to change the colors if you know how.
I will upload different colored ones in the future for those that don't.

Please read the introduction pdf before using as it contains the terms of use.

New theme coming soon (pixel theme) don't forget to subscribe so that you can know when it pops up.

If enough of you ask. I will upload a tutorial on how to use it.

PS. I did scan the file for viruses however I can not guarentee anything Please let me know of any problems.

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