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PSY 275 Week 1 History and Perspectives Worksheet

Complete the History and Perspectives worksheet.

Submit your completed worksheet to the Assignment Files tab


History and Perspectives Worksheet


Timeline of Events

Complete a timeline of the historical events that show the progression of the treatment of mental illness, based on the historical perspectives discussed in Chapter 1 of Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World. You should have between 5-8 events.




Event 1


Event 2


Event 3


Event 4


Event 5


Event 6


Event 7


Event 8




Review the contemporary perspectives of abnormal behavior listed in Ch. 2 of Abnormal Psychology in a Changing World.

Match the contemporary perspective on the right with the main tenet (idea/proposition) on the left by typing the corresponding letter of the matched perspective in the middle column. Each perspective may be used more than once.






















































































































Main Tenet (Idea/Proposition)
Contemporary Perspective of Abnormal Psychology
1. Unconscious conflicts manifest in symptoms of mental illness.
A. Biological Perspective
2. Psychotropic medications seek to treat mental illness by acting on neurotransmitters that may be malfunctioning.
B. Psychological Perspective – Psychodynamic Models
3. Manipulation of information may cause cognitive distortions. These errors in thinking produce maladaptive behaviors based on a distorted belief that was produced by an activating event.
C. Psychological Perspective – Learning Models
4. Mental illness is a product of learned behavior that is maladaptive.
D. Psychological Perspectives – Humanistic Models
5. The interactions of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors contribute to abnormal behavior.
E. Psychological Perspectives – Cognitive Models
6. Genetic factors, defects in neurotransmitter functioning, and underlying brain abnormalities, contribute to mental illness.
F. Sociocultural Perspective
7. Our childhood experiences contribute to the development of mental illness.
G. Biopsychosocial Perspective
8. Abnormal behavior is caused by societal failures, and is a description of behavior that deviates from social norms.
9. A malfunction in the physiology of the body produces symptoms of mental illness.
10. Abnormal behavior manifests from a distorted concept of the self.



Respond to the following questions in 50 to 75 words each.




How do assessment, diagnosis, and treatment work together in the field of abnormal psychology? What is the role of each process?



















How do you know when a behavior is deemed a mental illness?




















PSY 275 Week 2 Development, Stress, and Anxiety Quiz


Complete the Development, Stress, and Anxiety Quiz




PSY 275 Week 3 Disorders Related to Mood Quiz


Complete the Disorders Related to Mood Quiz






PSY 275 Week 4 Journal Article on Schizophrenia Disorder

Imagine you have been asked to write an article for an academic journal on the complexities of schizophrenia disorder.

Write a 850 – to 1,050-word article on the development, progression, physiological symptoms, and behavioral features of schizophrenia disorder.

Conduct research in the University Library to locate 2 peer-reviewed journal articles on schizophrenia, to use as supporting documentation in your article.  Be sure to cite both articles within the paper.

Review the articles that you have selected, and highlight specific details related to the followin.

Organize your paper as follows:

Development of the disorder…………… Think in terms of the early signs and how it develops

Progression of the disorder……… Think in terms of the possible causes (genetic and environmental) and the prevalence of the disorder       

Physiological symptoms………Think in terms of the physical symptoms of the disorder

Behavioral features……..    List two specific symptoms from the DSM-5 criteria for schizophrenia.  Describe a brief scenario for each symptom describing what one might observe that would indicate the presence of the symptom.

For example a symptom of bipolar is a decrease in the need for sleep. A behavior that might be observed is:

Dan’s mother had mentioned that the house might need painting in the near future.  He insisted on painting his mother’s house immediately.  He started painting at 9:00 in the morning and was still painting at 2:00 a.m.  He stated that he was wide awake and planned to finish it before sunrise.


Begin your article by outlining the following information:




APA-formatted level 1 headings for each main topic of your article


A topic sentence to begin each paragraph under each main topic


Make a bulleted list of main points you want to address under each topic sentence.  Key pieces of information from each article that you would like to use to support your main points, along with appropriate, APA-formatted in-text citations


APA-formatted reference page citations for each peer-reviewed article you will be using, listed on the reference page


Expand on your outline to create robust body of paragraphs for your article. You will submit your final article to the assignment file..

As you organize your paper, you will need to focus on the specific areas indicated in the directions.  Don’t get side tracked.  This is a very complex disorder and entire books have been written on this topic.

Focus only on schizophrenia and not on any of the sub types of the disorder (ie., schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder, or catatonia).

Subheadings: use these subheading for each of the parts of your article.


Development of the disorder

Progression of the disorder

Physiological symptoms

Behavioral features 


Review your completed article to ensure that it flows appropriately and logically, transitions well from topic to topic, and includes the required information outlined in these instructions.

Upload your completed article to WritePoint® powered by Grammarly® and the Plagiarism Checker. Review and apply any recommended changes.

Submit your finalized article along with the plagiarism report to the Assignment Files tab.    Be sure to submit two items.




PSY 275 Week 5 Clinical Disorder Presentation

Choose a clinical disorder from the following:




Major Depressive Disorder


Bipolar Disorder


Generalized Anxiety Disorder


Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Review your previous chapter readings on your chosen disorder.

Create a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation on your chosen clinical disorder. Include the following:




Explain possible causes of the disorder  (biological, psychological, sociocultural/environmental).


Describe the symptoms (behavioral  and physiological) associated with this disorder.


Describe any gender or cultural differences in our society regarding the diagnosis of this disorder.


Describe general treatment options for this disorder.


Include detailed speaker notes on each slide.  Speaker notes are placed below the slide under “Notes”.  This is a transcript of what you will be saying while presenting. The speaker notes should use appropriate academic language, grammar, and punctuation, and should demonstrate your knowledge of the topic. Think of the speaker notes in terms of an academic paper that students write. Bullets may be used on the slides however, all speaker notes must be complete sentences/paragraphs and explain the bulleted items.

Include a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources that are cited within the speaker notes and are also on an APA-formatted reference slide.

Format all citations and/or sources within your presentation according to APA guidelines.

Turnitin: cut and pste all of the speaker notes into a Word document.  Send this Word document to Turnitin.  Send a copy of the Turnitin report with your presentation.

Submit your presentation and Turnitin report to the Assignment Files tab.
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