The Power Of Persistence MP3

New Product
Power Of Persistence Ten Minute Audio Subliminal MP3
Gentle Ocean Sounds In High Theta Waves

Driving A Vehicle Or Using Any Types Of Machinery Is Not Recommended While Listening To This Powerful MP3.

Please Consult Your Doctor Before Listening If You've Experienced Seizures Or Have A Pace Maker.

Persistence And Determination Alone Is Omni Potent The Habit Of Persistence Is The Habit Of Victory.

It Distinguishes The Strong Soul From the Weak In Spite Of Difficulty Or Opposition Persistence Supersedes Talent Genetics And Luck There Can Be No Success Without It Persistence Is The Twin Sister Of Excellence One Is The Matter Of Quality, The Other, A Matter Of Time Or Timing Many Of Life's Failures Are People Who Did Not Realize How Close They Were To Success When They Gave Up If They Pressed On Just A Little More.

Success Comes In Unexpected Hours. Voiced Commands Slightly Below The Ocean Waves:

My Persistence Moves Mountains My Determination To Follow Through Empowers Me With Confidence And Persistence I Can Do Anything I Never Ever Give Up In Spite Of Challenges I Persist I Am Strong I am Resilient I Have Value I Am Worthy My Potentials Materialize I Am Driven Forward My Determination Is Powerful My Persistence Creates Miracles I Achieve Everything I Set Out To Do.

I Finish What I Start I Do Whatever Needs To Be Done I Have Strong Motivation And A Vision Of Success I Gain The Strength And Determination I Have The Inner Power To Endure Anything And Everything I Am Totally Empowered In All That I Do I Am Totally Committed To Improving My Life I Persevere With Optimism And Enthusiasm Today I Am Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Succeed
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