PictoTalks: Andy Martin

London-based animator and illustrator Andy Martin talks about his work in an half-hour lecture at the 10th Pictoplasma Conference 2014, Berlin. Andy Martin has been making characters and animations since the beginning of the 21st century. Wildly mixing techniques such as hand-drawing, computer illustration, or stop motion, his diverse work is always infused with humour and hilarity. Andy also dabbles happily in the audio side of things, allowing him to make silly voices, bleeping sounds and ridiculously infectious ditties. Andy has worked with clients such as Coke, E4, Kerrang TV, and most recently Experian’s Credit Expert campaign. Aside from the commercials, he’s also known for his animated shorts such as ‘Dry Fish’ and the ‘Little Old Men’ episodes. Throughout 2013 he created a monthly ‘Planet’ animation as part of a daily character design project called ‘Illustrated Aliens.’ 32'23'', Stereo, 720p HD mov file (H.264), 632MB
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