Homework 2

Using Visual C++ and your OpenGL configured environment, write an application that displays a “unique” graphical scene that you designed and coded for this course. What you put in your graphical scene is up to you. However; there are some specific requirements that all submissions must include:
a. Use a 800 x 600 display window
b. Include the Window title of “Your name – Homework 2” on your display. For example, if I submitted I would provide the window title of “Professor Robertson – Homework 2”
c. Include lines, rectangles, triangles and other polygon shapes of your choice.
d. Include multiple text elements within the graphic.
e. Include a unique 24x24 or larger bitmap image that you designed and generated. The bitmap image may be displayed multiple times in the scene as needed.
f. Prepare a well-organized word (or PDF) document, describing your approach to solving this problem, the challenges you faced, and how you overcame those challenges. The document should also include screen captures of you successfully running the application.
1. Work to be creative and make this your own.
2. You could consider generating a scene with animals, fish, houses, city skylines, furniture, flowers or other objects you want to create based on the primitives.
3. I recommend you use “Graph” paper to sketch your design to make it easier to set your coordinates.
4. Your unique bitmap image may take some time to design, generate and test. You should plan accordingly.
You should submit a word (or PDF) document and your .cpp file. Your document should be named yournamehomework2.doc (or yournamehomework2.pdf). Your .cpp should be named yournamehomework2.cpp. You should only submit these 2 files. You do not need to submit the object files, or executable.
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