IT 237 Week 7 Forms

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IT 237 Week 7 Forms

Resource: Toolwire® Student
Desktop, Toolwire® Lab: Creating and Adding a Web Form to
a Web Page

Resource: Appendix

Complete the
Toolwire® Lab: Creating and Adding a Web Form to a Web Page.

is a learning tool to help you complete the CheckPoint. Complete the lab, worth
5 points of the assignment, as instructed.

Enhance your
website by doing the following:

  • Add a simple
    web form such as an order form, subscription to a newsletter, or request
    for contact.

  • E-mail the
    form data to yourself by coding the form tag as follows:


where [email protected] is
your e-mail address.


  • Include the
    following form controls:

    • Text boxes

    • Radio buttons

    • Check boxes

    • A list or drop-down box

    • A Submit button

    • A Reset button

  • Include ID
    attributes with short, meaningful names—without spaces—for every control.
    Each input control must include a label tag to make it easier for the
    audience to identify.

  • Test for
    functionality and usability.

Check all
of your HTML code using the HTML Validator located on the W3C website.

Save your
revisions in your IT237-Name folder on your computer, and compress (zip) the
folder (Maximum file size is 10MB).

Submit the
final file to your instructor.

Submit your
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