WEB 240 Week 2 Individual Website Design and Development, Part 1

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WEB 240 Week 2 Individual: Website Design and Development, Part 1
Refer to the Week 1, Overview: Individual Website Design Document Instructions for an overview of this project.
 Part A: Complete your website design document by covering the following information in detail:

  • Topic

  • Purpose

    • Why do you need this site?

    • Why do your visitors need this site?

  • Audience

    • Brief description of target audience

    • General geographic location of audience

    • Estimate number of people

    • Estimate average age

    • Level of familiarity with computers and Internet

    • Key target audience insight - Most compelling thing you want the audience to think, learn or do as a result of visiting the site

  • A site map showing the interconnections of the pages of the site. This should include all pages, including the placeholder ones you need for future expansion.

  • A description of the purpose and functionality of the interactive form your site will have.

Update this in future weeks based on instructor feedback and accounting for any changes in the site as you develop the site.
Part B: Create a draft version of your homepage for your planned website demonstrating the use of HTML and application of design elements. You should include placeholders for any multimedia you are planning to add in the coming weeks.
Submit both parts; your website design document and homepage (titled index.html) to the Assignment Files tab.
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