Sun Kissed Traveller | Mobile Lightroom Collection

Hey! How are you!!!!!

Thanks for stopping by, I am Adam. The creator of Beyond the Grid and these are my Lightroom Presets!!

Here's my 5 Sun Kissed Mobile Lightroom Presets

  • These presets are designed specifically for the mobile app only, not Lightroom Desktop.

I created this Collection to edit traveling images for your Instagram and blog imageries, especially for travel photographers. This pack has a variety of items with a variety of tones. Where you travel to bright coastal beaches or the PNW these products will be perfect to edit your images.

Remember that nothing great comes with just one click so play around with the settings to adjust the settings to your unique needs! Get your hands on the basic tab, define the intensity of the vignette or lower the contrast to get better results!

Here is a video on how to load and use the presets on your phone:
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