Noxious scythe/Bow/Staff

Images are not that good they are taken from a gif see this gif for action:

Noxious scythe/Bow/Staffwear and drop Models

Might work on 317 if thats not the case simply export to mqo and remake the dat. it will not have particle then.

By buying this package you agree to TOA
You enjoy your package, if you got a question ask on rune-server
if you bought it and cannot use it cause you did miss read ( your problem not mine)
You do not charge back saying file doesn't work for your server or whatever it works for 667+ For sure - 317 not tested so if you buy for 317 be sure you would like to take the risk that it wont work if that is the problem you can always export them and re make them in dat.
if you edit one of the files and they get corrupt you can download again from the site for 4 times.
Do not resell or claim that this is your work give credits to me ziva when using them.

If any problem occur try to solve it in my pm first before doing something else.
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