Judebox Jenny's Head Shave at the Too Hot for Hair Show

Judebox Jenny is a professional model who has shoulder-length hair. Soon she'll be a professional model with a beautiful bald head. After taking a seat in the barber chair, Judebox Jenny has a neck strip put around her neck by Floyd the barber. A pinstriped cape is draped over Judebox Jenny's naughty nurse outfit. Floyd uses the clippers, thinning sears, and a scissor to give Judebox Jenny a brilliant short hair style. With the urging of the crowd to "shave her bald", Floyd works on clippering half Judebox Jenny's head first before clippering her to stubble. After posing a bit, Judebox Jenny is soon back in the chair for a hot lather shave with the straight-edge razor. Two capes are put on her this time. The barber does the razor shave. Judebox Jenny and her fellow models have fun feeling her freshly shaved scalp.

Duration 84 minutes, screen size: 720x480, format WMV
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