Look And Feel Young Again 11 Minute Subliminal Audio MP3 Download

Waterfall With Isochronic Drone Flanger In Inaudible Professionally Spoken Affirmations

Age Is Relevent Considering You Are Old As You Think And Believe You Are.

This Audio Mp3 Rewires Your Brain To Enforce New Belief PatternsĀ 

Subliminal Script:

Subliminal Messages

Looking young Feeling young
I look and feel young again
I return to a youthful appearance
I feel Great I feel good
Young and vibrant
I feel young and full of vitality
I remember my youth
I rekindle the spirit of my youth
I regain my sense of wonder in all things
Every cell in my body vibrates with eternal youth
I live stress free and enjoy more
I am an ageless being
I am ageless
I am forever ageless
My body de-ages while I sleep
My body is de-aging every minute of every day
I am increasingly youthful and alive
I am full of radiant health and youthful energy
I keep my mind youthful
My skin is youthful and radiant
I intend to remain youthful and vibrant
I have reversed the aging process
I look think and feel youthful at all times
My body rejuvenates itself every minute of every day
I welcome eternal youth into my life
Today I bless my being with infinite youth
Every part of myself is alive
I say only good things about you
I will not say or do anything to harm you
I promise to never betray my body
I sleep wisely
I eat wisely
I drink wisely
I am aware of how i spend my time and choices
My cells start working with me
My body functions at the highest levels
I improve the function of my body and well beingness
I have a great body
I am so grateful for my body
I am inviting my body to get better and better-
and every day it shall
Everything works in my body
My body is fit and trim
I find peace of mind with rightness of being
I am resistant to disease
I am resistant to illness
I am resistant to radiation
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