Kat's Self Blonde to Brunette Haircoloring in Shirt & Tie - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Kat resembles something out of a 007 flick, because Kat's office outfit is all black except for her white tie, and because she wears black latex gloves throughout the whole video. Gloves are worn to protect her skin from the brunette hair dye, which can stain clothing and skin. Kat shows how easy it is to give your own hair a hot oil treatment, and to color it brunette. To wash her hair, Kat does a quick forward washing over the shampoo bowl, with her kneeing on the salon chair. Before applying the hair dye, and afterwards too, Kat combs her hair out, freeing it of dangles. While combing it, she tries different hair parts to see which one suits her best. During the second quick hair washing, the red shampoo cape annoys Kat so she removes it. This type of cape needs to be fashioned closed with a clip, instead of just tucking it into one's collar, as she did in this video. Kat really enjoyed coloring her hair and wearing this classy shirt and tie outfit. In the beginning and near the end, she kept adjusting her tie to make sure it was just right. Duration approx 61 minutes, screen size: 720 x 480, format .wmv
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