Success Starter Program for Women

Are you a woman ready to let your talent shine? Are you ready to live an amazing and fulfilling life doing what makes you sing? This digital self-study program is for you if you've had enough of waiting for things to change and you're ready to make your life rock to your own tune. This program will assist you to - Bring passion, meaning, clarity and purpose to your everyday life - Help you change your attitude to life and increase your potential for enjoyment at it fullest - It will assist you to strip away the expectations of everyone around you in order to find what you really want. - It will help you explore the uncharted terrain of you and build awareness of your unlimited creative potential. We will walk step by step together as you build the life you dream of living. The program consists of the following 3 digital books The workbook: "Shaping Your Life From the Inside Out" This is the bridge between creativity and the healing arts. It offers affirming and practical exercises to help transform your life by bringing you back to centre to explore your ideas and find what works for you. Get ready to be amazed as make your ideas a roaring success. The Planner: "Plan Your Most Successful Year Ever" Are you eager to bring meaning, passion, purpose, clarity and vision into your everyday activities? You are capable of so much more than you are now experiencing. This planner will assist you step-by-step in creating a whole new adventure. Are ready for a change? The Gratitude Journal: "60 Days to Change Your Mind and Develop an Attitude of Gratitude" Life will sometimes give you a run for your money by getting you down and asking you again and again to prove yourself. When your patience feels tested and your dreams no longer spark, don’t under-estimate the power of appreciation. By changing your attitude to life you increase your potential to enjoy it at its fullest so that even your lowest moments become seeds for transformation and 'food for the soul'. This journal shifts your focus from what is wrong with your world to find what is right in it and develop an ‘attitude of gratitude’.