Expert Answers

Expert Answers

1.1 Make a list of the equipment that will be required for this new system.  Estimate the cost of the equipment. You may want to use a 3 column table  with headings Location, Equipment, and Cost.

1.2 Describe any special software that may be needed. The software engineer is developing the application software but no special software is required  for connecting the devices or communications between them.

1.3 Develop a network diagram showing how all the equipment will be  connected. Identify Internet connections, VPNs, and telephony links as  appropriate.

2. Create a storyboard and dialog based on the use case "Make an Appointment". 

2.1 Review the discussion and your solutions for the use case "Make an  Appointment". 

2.2 Use a presentation tool like PowerPoint to create a storyboard and  dialog to support the use case. You would use the storyboard to explain the use case to users of the application. You can put the dialog text in the  PowerPoint file in the notes section or include it in a separate Word file.

3. Does HIPPA apply to this system?

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