information to join the equinox transmission group

information to join the equinox transmission group

Details of the Equinox Transmission


Dear Ones thank you for saying yes to adding your powerful energy to the equinox transmission that will take place at 3.33pm uk time on the 22.09.17 transmission,

Here is the link to join the facebook group…

Please add yourselves now

During this transmission we will facilitate an exceptionally deep healing for the beloved's on the planet who have been labelled with mental health problems such as schizophrenia paranoia depression and anxiety. In indigenous cultures these beings would have been referred to as the shamans and wise ones as it would have been obvious to the tribal elders in these cultures that these beings have incarnated with aspects of their consciousness extremely open and thus able to easily traverse the multi dimensional realms. In these cultures these sacred beings would have been deeply revered and prepared from an early age for their roles as the medicine men and women, and shamans of that tribe. However to the detriment of all of humanity, western medicine has labelled these precious and wise beings as flawed, erroneous and sick, and has sought to separate these precious beings from the rest of society. This is one of the greatest travesties that is associated with Kali Yuga (there are many but for the purpose of this transmission we are focusing on this aspect) and in order to make the clean transition into the Golden age this issue needs to be addressed immediately in order to create the blueprint for new sacred ways to  respond to these powerful and extremely magical beings.  

We will also be addressing the important issue of animal welfare on planet Earth. The current practices are despicable at best and are not part of the golden age new Earth paradigm.  At the time of the powerful equinox transmission again we will be blueprinting on the etheric plane (the plane of imagination and ideas which is the blueprint for all 3D manifestations) new ways for our beloved animals to be treated that is in alignment with the recognition of the divinity in all beings.

Dear ones if you resonate with any of these issues or feel strongly about these issues or have friends or loved ones who have suffered as a result of these issues please come forward to add your energy into this extremely important transmission. It is imperative that as many light workers as possible sign up to be part of this powerful group and initiate this level of transformation on their particular grid points.

It is all of our responsibility to co-create the paradise we wish to Inhabit. And for all of you who sign up and come forward to be part of the equinox transmission please know that the Devic/elemental kingdom wishes to shower you with many many blessings in the form of an acceleration in one's manifesting capabilities.

Our beloved channel has been guided to activate and initiate a powerful transformation code into your timeline and auric field to insure and support you to manifest at a whole new level whatever it is that you intend to bring into the 3rd dimensional plane. This is an exceptionally auspicious blessing to receive, and again is in alignment with the current planetary energetics that are now in earnest precipitating the full and complete alignment of Gaia onto her new earth timeline.

There are other important aspects of the Equinox transmission that will be revealed in due course, suffice to say that for those who come forward now, will receive the most almighty soul support from the earth ascension crew, and of course from the high angelic crew that are overseeing the personal and collective ascension of humanity. We very much look forward to welcoming you into our core soul groupThis will be an extremely powerful mark on your own evolutionary journey, and the evolutionary journey of the collective consciousness.

Again here is the link to add yourself to the facebook group
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