Attack the Block - a comprehensive scheme of work and eBook for GCSE Film Studies.

A comprehensive, 50+ pages scheme of work designed to support of teaching Attack the Block for Eduqas GCSE Film Studies.
Written by an experienced examiner and consultant for Eduqas, this booklet provides detailed context, key facts and information, systems for keeping notes during watching, details on key scenes, dozens of screenshots from the film as well as others that have influenced the film and dozens of activities for students. The booklet also includes mock exam questions, comprehension questions as well as guidance on how to analyse scenes from the film.

On here you'll find three different versions, each with the same content. This version, at £3.50 has no watermarks on every page. The slightly cheaper version at £2.50 has watermarks on each page and with my name on it. Finally, there's a 'name your price version' with a minimum cost of £5. This version will be sent with the Microsoft Word and Mac OSX versions, as well as the unmarked PDFs so that you can edit and do as you like with it.

Many thanks for taking a look and for any future purchases!
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