MGT 521 Week 4 DQ 4

It affected business because a lot of them become more profitable. It depends who you ask, if you looking from the eye of the owner or business, it has become extremely cheaper for them to provide the services with  1/3 of the costs but if you ask the employees of those companies they will tell that's it's wrong because a lot of them have lot there jobs or been forced to take cuts in pay and benefits and in the eyes of the customers the services can be horrible and if there is a language barrier even worse( speaking from experience).  Yes i would stop outsourcing because it increases unemployment in my country, makes USA workers look bad in the image of the world and also allows business not to be held accountable to the same standards as companies that operate in the USA. For me it is about providing incentives to business to remain in the USA; for example lower taxes, tax credit for hiring, recognition for remaining in the USA.
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