Expert Answers

Expert Answers

I-              Introduce the topic and why it’s important. Have a thesis statement. (What are you trying to convey and why it’s important). 

II-            Identify 3 challenges (cultural) and explain why/how they affect the classroom

III-          Analyze these challenges using one of the Sociological perspectives (ie. Symbolic Interactions/physical appearance, or Conflict theory/socio–economic, etc.)

IV-          Analyze these challenges using a developmental perspective (if you are using Piaget, you could explain how the child’s cognitive development relates to/affects the challenges).

V-            Identify how these challenges can be addressed (what the teacher can do to fix them).

VI-          Conclusion (summarize the purpose of the paper and what the reader should take from it)

As always, proofread carefully and use supporting evidence throughout. Cite your resources in-text. 

Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Strategies

Read the articles “10 Effective DAP Teaching Strategies” and “Culturally Responsive Classroom Strategies.” In addition, view the Culture in the Classroom website and the Lisa Delpit Interview article. 

After reviewing the required resources, identify and discuss three challenges involved with ensuring that teaching strategies are appropriate for culturally diverse children. Then, discuss these cultural challenges in the classroom using one sociological perspective (i.e., functionalism, conflict theory, symbolic interactionism, etc.) and another relevant perspective, such as Piaget’s preoperational stage of development. Finally, identify and discuss how the challenges related to differences in culture may be addressed by a teacher in a way that increases the child’s cognitive advancement and academic success. 

You must use at least three scholarly sources other than the textbook and required resources for this assignment. The paper must include a summary of each of the challenges identified and each of the remedies to those challenges. In addition, you must include an explanation of the cultural challenges in the classroom using one of the sociological perspectives and Piaget’s theory of the preoperational stage of cognitive development. 
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