The stolen generations, and the various impacts of colonization.docx

“The stolen generations, and the various impacts of colonization, are sad but are in the past, and we should move on”. Discuss and critically analyse this statement, taking into account current literature and the content of this unit (HSCS240). Remember to refer to your text and readings to substantiate the points you make in your essays. You must also research beyond this, for example in peer reviewed journals.
Structure and style

You must write a clear and well-constructed essay, with subheadings as you need them, and an introduction and conclusion.

Make sure you clearly understand the differences between objective and subjective arguments. This essay needs to be objectively based.

You must reference every claim, and include references (separate from the textbook and recommended readings), throughout the paper.

You must include a correct and complete reference list at the end of your paper – only include the references you have cited in your essay.

Use the APA referencing system.

Use a font suitable to academic writing (such as Arial, Callibri, Helvetica or Times New Roman) at font size 11- or 12-point, and double-space your text to allow room for markers to make comment.
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