August 31-September 6 Meal Plan

This is my meal plan and week of workouts that I follow; I share in hopes of reaching our goals together!

HIGHLY REQUESTED THIS WEEK: I've received lots of requests from college students, those who work long hours and ladies on the move for meals that are "grab and go friendly." This week all meals can easily be prepared, stored in a container and taken to be enjoyed from a desk, office, car, etc.

Facts About the Meal Plan:

*The meal plan serves as one day full of meals and is repeated for 7 days, which is not too long to get sick of the food but allows for food to be pre-made in mass amounts

*I do 5 meals - meals 1, 2, and 4 are more of a breakfast, lunch and dinner, while meals 3, and 5 are smaller portioned meals to keep my body fed properly throughout the day

*I suggest spacing meals around 3 hours apart (give or take depending on your schedule)

*My meal plan style is SIMPLISTIC; I've found the fewer ingredients and the easier the prep, the more likely one is to stick to the plan

MY 2 FAVORITE MEALS THIS WEEK: 1) Grab & Go Breakfast Smoothie 2) Spicy Chicken Sandwich
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