241 : Miss Iris & Miss Black Mamba Secretaries in distress

Miss Iris, wearing a light blue dress and gold open toe heels, and Miss Black Mamba, wearing a black dress and yellow open toe heels, are getting in the car. It’s Miss Black Mamba turn to drive the old Renault 5.

The weather is very cold and seems it is going to rain, and the Misses are talking about it. They dangle their feet trying to warm ups their feet a bit, maybe the decision of putting open toe high heels in this weather wasn’t exactly smart…

While they are doing small talk in the car, you sit in the back seat hearing all their talking and dangling, and after some time they decide to go to the petrol station to get some fuel. Miss Black Mamba hates this car, cause it’s her daddy’s one, it has no power steering, and she can’t find gears!

When they reach the petrol station, Miss Iris adds some fuel to the Renault tank, and then they go to work! But the car doesn’t seem cooperative now anymore, it stalls all the time!

They get also into trouble cause they are stopped in a no parking spot and the police officers want them to move the car away, but it is stalled and doesn’t seem to start up! 

Will they get a fine?
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