Prophecy in the Seven Mountains

Prophecy in the Seven Mountains with Simon Braker

Just £10 for 4 hours of teaching. Recorded by Wagner Leadership Institute UK.

The voice of God must be at the very centre of who we are as children of God not only in our church lives but in every part of our lives, as Jesus said, "he who hears these words of mine and acts upon them is like the man who built his house on the rock." If we want our lives to be rock-solid regardless of what storms may come, God's voice is the key.

Prophecy is much more than simply giving a word in a church meeting. It can and should invade every area of this world.

At this training day we not only learnt how to hear his voice practically but also how to take his voice into every part of our lives. Simon Braker taught about how to apply the prophetic to our spheres of influence. Prophecy is not just for use in the religious 'mountain', but also education, government, arts & entertainment, business, media and the family. Simon Braker is a member of the UK WLI Faculty and is a dynamic and passionate speaker and teacher.
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