Advanced Improvisation Techniques - The II-V Progression - Part 1

The II-V progression is one of the most important and most common chord progressions in the jazz idiom. The concepts and techniques contained in this DVD will take your improvising to new levels. Clearly explained and presented, Roger Friedman shows why his Lot2Learn Youtube channel is one of the most highly watched and respected jazz instructional channels in the world. Starting with basic exercises, "Lot2Learn" quickly progresses to intermediate and advanced techniques to allow you to comfortably create improvisational lines over the II-V progression.  Not only will your playing improve, but you will learn to grasp fundamental concepts that will open up a world of possibilities to you in your playing. The overwhelming success of Lot2Learn's "Advanced Pentatonics DVD" has created immense anticipation for the release of this, the newest edition to the Lot2Learn Method DVD Series of Improvisational techniques.  
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