220 : Miss Iris curbs and burnouts

Miss Iris, dressed in total white with a blacki miniskirt and high heels, is driving around with her beloved Renault 5. It's a hot and sunny day, and she got lost.

As more she get lost, the more she gets stressed and, in order to remove some stress, she finds a curb on the way. What if she tries to get the car on it?

The first curb was very easy, she does a bit of pumping between gas and friction, and then she got over it! But she wants something harder.

So after a quick burnout, she gets back on the road to find a bigger and better curb! She finds the perfect one, but she doesn't know if the car can handle it!

So the tires start spinning and the engine is getting louder and louder, but the car doesn't want to go up at all! She pumps harder and harder on the gas pedal, but nothing happens... So what is the issue?

She tries even backwards because maybe it works better, but nothing seems to help this poor and stranded girl. Why the car doesn't want to come up? As she is also very stressed, she pumps really hard on the gas, but the little engine doesn't have enough power to get on the curb!

After making a lot of noise and smoke, she decides it's burnout time! So she goes back on the street and she gets those tires spinning again! She does a lot of donuts to torture this engine more, as he didn't manage to go up on that curb!
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