174 Miss Black Mamba drives the Lancia Prisma while smoking

Miss Black Mamba has to drive to an important appointment.

She is wearing a white shirt, read nails, black skirt and black heels.

She wants to take the Lancia Prisma for this appointment, because it is an important one and so she has to impress her colleagues with a really fancy car!

So she gets in the Prisma, pumps the gas a bit to prime the engine, turns the key and she is ready to go!

She starts revving the car a bit, in order to check if everything was okay!
Then she turns on a cigarette to relax herself and then she drives around the block to see if everything is fine and working properly!

After a while she remembers that she forgot to put her pantyhose, so she has to go back to put them on!

In this video you get a closeup view of her feet dancing around the pedals while she drives off to the meeting! During this trip she stalls the car a few times, thanks to the unreliable engine...

Will she gets in one piece to the meeting?
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