Network Security

As acquiring this opportunity to consult your company on the current network system I truly appreciate and thank you.  Upon analyzing your current network I have several major concerns to bring forth to your awareness.  Each of these concerns can be rectified and potential malicious attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities can be secured.  My concerns are with both firewalls, place of the email and Web and FTP server, security of the wireless access point, and access controls.

The first area of concerns are the firewalls.  The external firewall in your system construction is the first line of defense.  Since this is a private company attacks from the public web begins at this firewall.  There is no true protection at this level; however there are deterrents which can be established to aid in allowing certain access into you network. The decision of what type of firewall is to be used for your business.  Since it is a private company I would advise a proxy external firewall.  This firewall will only allow certain application to the internal network by being the primary gateway.  With this form of external firewall the internal firewall will only allow certain protocols to enter the inner network.  This will aid in configuring your network to monitor of attack and threats in certain areas of your network.   This type of firewall will help in the limiting the nature of the public web access into your private network. 
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