Hybrid Paper: Thomas Lynch's memoir

Topic: Mainly the two sources in the paper will be Thomas Lynch's memoir, The Undertaking please read it, and my memoir except, 4 pages, that I will upload. Essay should be based on 70% Lynch, and 30% my memoir. I will also upload example hybrid papers on this topic, but both of them are not good because one is only about Lynch and the other is only a memoir. So the most important thing is to integrate the two sources in the correct ratio I wanted. 

Content: Please have a clear and developed thesis statement. You should have an argument that you assert throughout the essay. You should use quotes and paraphrase from Lynch's book a lot for evidence to support the memoir. Please analyse the quotes and explain how they are relevant. Since it is a hybrid paper please make sure you look from Lynch's point of view to my own memoir. The scholarly paper that you will write should be a hybrid not a paragraph of Lynch and one of mine. They both should be intertwined throughout the paper. don't forget the book has to be more mentioned in the paper. 

External source: You should also search for an external scholarly source or article that you will refer in the paper. You should introduce the article first in the paper "In the article ",,,," written by.. " and then give quotes and textual evidence that supports the idea. I will post possible external sources in the message if you want to use one of them which is most suitable to the paper. Please have topic sentences for every paragraph so the paper is clear. I want to highlight that you should state Lynch's point of view to death as well and I would appreciate if you would write the paper similar to Lynch's writing style.

Structure and Language: Please use a sophisticated language with advanced vocabulary. No passive voice please and avoid vague sentences. Please use transitions. Please write descriptive sentences and use the correct MLA format whenever you cite Thomas Lynch and the external source.Grammar is extremely important so please be careful with commas etc. Please include a creative title. 

Although I am uploading my memoir, feel free to make up things from your mind to relate Lynch's book to my memoir. Some parts in my memoir isn't relevant with the book at all, so please be creative and with effective language make it coherent. Since the book is about death and my memoir doesn't dig deep into the funeral and those parts. Please write it from your own mind with exaggeration to integrate it to the book. Please write full 7 pages and have a works cited page as the 8th.

MOST IMPORTANT THING: my excerpt memoir and The Undertaking book should be in great cohesion. I hope you know how to write a decent hybrid paper as this paper is important more than anything. Please read the example paper's I will post. See the strengths of those paper's and weaknesses and please NEVER a sentence or same idea from that because that will be plagiarism. 

I really appreciate your work, please message me to be in constant contact
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