Assignment 11 HTML script that displays five paragraphs of text

Write an HTML script that displays five paragraphs of text. The first two paragraphs must have id attributes only. The next two paragraphs must have name attributes only. The last paragraph must have no attributes.

Using Javascript, do the following:

Center align the first paragraph.

Right align the second paragraph.

Set the text of the third paragraph to be red on yellow background.

Set the text of the fourth paragraph to be cyan on blue background.

Every 3 seconds, change the background color of the fifth paragraph cycling through the colors red, white, blue, black, green and orange.

Add a button that when clicked will add a sixth paragraph to the document.

Zip the files created into a zip file called and submit the zip file.

Your assignment grade will be based on correctness of JavaScript code, readability of the Javascript code, code comments and final HTML page layout.
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