215 : Miss Melanie & Miss Black Mamba torture and blow the Fiat Punto

"Hi Mario! Now we are going to show you how to rev a car!" Miss Melanie says you. She is wearing a black dress and black high heels with red toe nails and she is ready to rev the Punto with her friend Miss Black Mamba!

They know you really love the Misses rev the car hard, and they have a special treat for you.

Melanie puts aggressively her pedal to the floor while revving the car to the max! You can hear the engine touching the limiter all the time while Melanie is showing you how to rev in a really sexy way the car!

"So Mario... Do you think it's very sexy my revving?" Melanie says you.

Then she gives the gas control to Black Mamba, who decides to rev it harder and faster!

She is wearing a pink top, shorts and white court heels! She pumps aggressively that pedal and she really loves hearing the engine rev up at the control of her feet!

They then change their heels with sneakers and rev harder and harder to let you be pleased! While you see their feet pushing hard on the gas pedal, you can see the temperature of the engine going higher and higher...

Will the car survive?
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