Rockway Memo

Rockway Memo

1. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document.

2. Save your document as Rockway Memo.

3. Insert the current date at the top of the page. Make sure you select the Update Automatically option when inserting the date.

4. Type and format the rest of your letter as shown in Figure 1. Be sure to use the following formats and fonts:

• The title Rockway Gifts in Arial, 16 pt, blue color, and boldface font

• TO:, FROM:, and RE: lines in boldface black font and double-spaced

• The body of the letter in Times New Roman, 12 pt, black color font, and single-spaced

• 12-point spacing after paragraphs 

Part 2: Creating Your Chart

1. Open Microsoft Excel and create a new worksheet.

2. Save your document as Rockway Chart.

3. Enter the data into your worksheet as shown in Figure 2. Be sure to use the following formats and fonts:

• Type the title Rockway Gifts Sales 20XX in Arial, 16 pt, and boldface font.

• Format the title to merge into cells A1–D1.

• Enter the figures in column B as accounting.

• Decrease the decimals by two spaces in column B so that only full dollar amounts appear (no cents).

• Adjust column width to fit content. 

4. Below the data you just entered, create a chart using the data from the worksheet.

• Be sure to choose a columnar chart.

• Enter the title as “Rockway Gifts Sales 20XX.”

• Enter the X axis as “Months.”

• Enter the Y axis as “Sales Figures.”

• Don’t include a legend with the chart. 

6. Return to the data in cells B2–B13. Use whichever formula or tool you wish to sum up the total sales in cell B14.

7. Type “Total” in bold font in cell A14.

8. Underline the text in cell B13. 

Your worksheet should now appear as in Figure 4. 

Part 3: Creating Your

PowerPoint Presentation

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint and create a new presentation.

2. Save your document as Rockway Presentation.

3. Apply the Waveform design template to all your slides as seen in Figure 5. If you don’t have the Waveform design template, choose another suitable design template. 

Part 3

Slides created and formatted correctly 10%

A design template applied to all slides 10%

The Excel chart from Part 2 is inserted into

slide 3 10%

Clip art added appropriately to slides 4 and 7 10%

Slide 6 has bulleted text that swivels in when

presentation plays 10%

The sound of applause plays upon reaching 

slide 7 10%
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