Nathan's Weapon Pack


Hey guys! For being very supportive to me, here's a gift
for everyone of you!

Please accept this Weapon pack as my gratitude for you

This might be old but it has a lot of excitement
inside the pack! It also has a bunch of models
that is rigged and unrigged!

You can choose from different varieties of weapons
from this pack!

Again I am very thankful to have you guys
by my side! Thanks!

If you guys want to help me, and make more of these,
you guys can buy the product for only $5!


View the models here! You will see the auto-extrusion and rotation feature here:

1) Sword:

2) Battle Axes:

3) Rigged Bow [Movement]:

4) Fishing Rod:

5) Flint and Steel:

Features [General]
- Fully Extrudable Models (ALL)
- Auto-extrusion feature (Rigged models)
- Rotation Feature (Rigged Models)
- Rigged Bow (Four movements - standby - load - pull - release)

Brief features:

- 100% Fully Extrudable
- Easier To Use
- There are 2 folders of swords, one folder for the models only and one folder for the rigged ones
- Rigged Swords have auto-extrusions, it means that you dont need to extrude them anymore, and it does save a lot of your time!
- It also comes with the rotation feature, it means that you can rotate them with the user data I made!
- It comes with different new finer textures!
- Now that we have the rotation and auto-extrusions feature, it is now easier to use!
- I made the user data easier than before!

- 100% Fully Extrudable
- There are also 2 folders of axes, one for rigged and other one for unrigged!
- Rigged axes also comes with an auto-extrusion feature, it basically saves time!
- Axes also comes with the rotation feature!
- Finer Textures!


- Comes with four movements!
- Four movements [Steady - Load - Pull - Release]
- Easier to use
- Better user data, no confusing options
- Rigged

- Rigged fishing rod have an auto-extrusion feature!
- 100% Fully Extrudable
- Finer textures
- Easier to use
- Minecraft-style

- 100% Fully Extrudable
- Finer textures

Thank you for downloading!
Just drag the .lib4d file to the c4d itself and you can use it
or if you don't want to keep dragging it everytime you use it,
you can simply compy it to your presets folder (watch YT tutorials to help yourself)
Thank you! If you have any problems or if you want to talk, contact me!

Twitter - @NathanCreations
Email - [email protected]
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