(PS3/PC) Project Helios v2! - *NO JB NEEDED* Azza with SND, Blue Teammates, +550, EB V2!

IF YOU PURCHASE THIS SOMEWHERE ELSE, YOU ARE MOST LIKELY GOING TO BE SCAMMED AND I WILL NOT OFFER YOU HELP NOTE: BE WARY AS THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE YOU WILL GET SUPPORT. DO NOT ASK FOR HELP AS I ONLY HELP CUSTOMERS. ~ NO JAILBREAK NEEDED! WORKS FOR ALL PS3s! ~ Features: - Automatic Azza Lobby! (Like XBOX) + No Blank Gamemode [Says Search and Destroy!!] - 0.03 Killcam Timer! - Explosive Bullets V2! (Enemy doesnt fly, No stun effect, WITH BLOOD) - Fake Host Migration! (Go to special menu and select Host Migration Bind, use Left D-Pad to activate) - Custom Slow Motion! (Normal Speed after you kill the enemy or when game ends!) - Prestige 9 Bots with Titles and Emblems AND Ghillie Suits!
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