Create a new Web application titled Week8 Solution

Create a new Web application titled Week8. Next, create a JSP that displays a form when the doGet method is invoked. The form will contain a post action that directs the form post back to the same JSP, which in the doPost method will save the form data to a database using a Java Bean and a Custom Tag. Use your Oracle account to make the DB connection. After the form data has been saved to the database, respond back with a query from the database displaying all the current records contained in the database, in an appealing format. The form must contain a minimum of three input fields. The grade for this assignment will be based both on the functionality of the servlet and the appearance of the form post results. Name your JSP FormPost5 and name the application Week8. Create a Web archive file and attach to this assignment. Do not copy (cut and paste) any example code, create your own code and use the examples as a guide.
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