Built Like a Greek God

Who hasn’t been fascinated by Greek mythology at some point. When you think of a Greek god what comes to mind? The sculpted images of the history books, a hard bodied figure with a tapered waist, broad shoulders, thick back, and chiseled arms. The gods ruled the world and were known to be incredibly powerful and performed unbelievable feats of strength. One of the most identifying factors of the Greek gods was their physical appearance. The reasons these Greek gods are depicted with these impressive physiques is not merely for show, but for the absolute demonstration of power, the ability to rain down fear, and the capacity to stop a war with there mere presence.


This was the inspiration for the following program. A body that not only had similar traits of physical appearance, but has incredible strength, power, and endurance. This program is focused on building a body that is awe-inspiring and doing so in the fastest way possible.


Let’s be clear – this is not for a beginner. This program is designed to help you make incredible changes to your physique in a relatively short period of time. If you haven’t been training consistently for a while or don’t know how to do most of the movements, you’re going to struggle and it might be wise to hold off on the program until you’ve been training longer.
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