Rocks and Stones

Rocks and Stones features various impacts, slides and rolls recorded in few different locations (forest, castle, cavern, cave, sea and rock slide). The sounds were recorded and processed at 96 kHz and 24 bit. Comes with detailed metadata (embedded and in a spread sheet).With the purchase of Rocks and Stones you will also receive a free sound effects library Whooshers. 

- Ground (Impact, Roll, Debris)
- Foliage (Impact, Roll, Debris)
- Wood (Impact and debris)
- Dirt (Impact, Roll, Debris)
- Garbage (Impact, Roll, Debris)
- Metal (Impact, wobble and roll, recorded with contact mic)
- Water (Impact)
- Pebbles roll
- Designed examples in stereo and mono

Want to know how Rocks and Stones sound? Check out our try pack and have a listen here:
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