Moving shapes in JavaFX with Multi threading

Multithreading and JavaFXCreate an object-oriented JavaFX GUI that shows two shapes or images moving around a GUI. Each shape will have its thread to move it around the GUI. You must use threads – not AnimationTimelines or JavaFx Paths- this is a threading homework that happens to use JavaFx- not just a JavaFx homework.You must have two separately distinct activities. Two flashing texts are only one different activity. I have provided an example of how to move an image in a circle and flashing text using threads. You may choose one of these, but your second activity must be different from shooting and moving in a circle. Do not directly copy the examples- you may use the algorithm with other things. Try moving in an up-down, side to side, zig-zag, etc. Be sure to shut down all threads when the Application closes. (Hint: interrupt() method on Thread class)Your program should consist of multiple classes. Put thread Runnable classes in a different class from Application and pass shared information in the constructor.
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