Celianna's Parallax Tiles V. 1.0

Celianna's Parallax Tiles V. 1.0

Celianna's Parallax Tiles is a compilation of a bunch of tiles I've created for RPG Maker. While you can buy each tileset individually, it's pricier, and therefor I've come up with a discount if you buy them all in bulk. The original price will drop from a whopping €1030 to €350, so it's a steal! It includes these tiles:

Interior Tiles:
• Interior Walls • Castle Tiles • Library Tiles • Furniture Tiles • Bakery Tiles • School Tiles • Carpentry Tiles • Tavern Tiles • Mansion Tiles • Orchestra Tiles • Priston & Torture Tiles • Thieves Lair

Exterior tiles: • Trees 1 • Trees 2 • Trees 3 • Trees 4 • Nature Tiles • Cutesy Tiles • Mana Tree • Farm Tiles • Old Farm Tiles • Castles • Medieval Buildings • Medieval Houses • Japanese Buildings • Tipis • Huts • Temple Tiles • Doors • Ship Tiles • Golden Temple Tiles • Rapunzel Tower

Note: only to be used in RPG Maker VX, RPG Maker VX Ace, or any other RPG Maker if you also own VX, or VX Ace.
Celianna's Parallax Tiles V. 1.0
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