Better Sleep Hypnosis

Better Sleep Hypnosis

Would you like to get better sleep? 

This 45-minute hypnosis session will guide you into a gentle, pleasant trance and persuade your unconscious mind to help you sleep better tonight and every night.

I've used it myself and given copies to a number of friends, all of whom have raved about how much it helps.

As with any hypnosis or guided meditation recording, this one becomes more effective the more you use it. It works whether you remain fully alert throughout or drift off into la-la land.

NOTE: This recording is best used at some point during the day or early evening. It's not made to put you to sleep for the night, as it has a traditional hypnotic count-back at the end. (I'll be creating a different product to go to sleep to.)

CAUTION: Do NOT use this or any hyposis recording while operating heavy machinery.
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