IT282 Week 3 Assignment - Troubleshooting Installation - Appendix C


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Resources: Appendix C and Ch. 11 & 13 of A+ Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC

Read Scenario One in Appendix C and complete the following:

• Prepare a list of steps you would take to fix the problem in Scenario One.
• Include steps involved in reinstalling Microsoft® Windows® 7 and recovering the data that Ben needs.

Read Scenario Two in Appendix C and complete the following to formulate your troubleshooting strategy:

• Create a list of questions you must ask Craig to correctly diagnose the problem in Scenario Two.
• Provide details to support your answer to the following question: What is the source of Craig’s problem?
• Describe steps you would take to solve this problem if you were sitting at Craig’s computer.

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Appendix C

Troubleshooting Installation

A computer technician must be familiar with troubleshooting different operating system issues.

Scenario One
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