173 : Miss Iris, Miss Black Mamba and the return of the stubborn scooter

Miss Iris and Miss Black Mamba want to go to a party. They both have high heels, so they don't want to go there walking, cause it will hurt their feet a lot!

So they are going to drive the scooter of Black Mamba, but only if they make it start!

They take the scooter out from the garage, turn the accelerator a few times to prime the engine and then the kicking time begins!

First it's Miss Black Mamba time, so we can admire the power that she has on her legs, while Miss Iris is in charge of the accelerator side.

She kicks the pedal with such a hard and fast way that you can tell that she kicked so many scooters in her life and she knows how to do the trick!

After a few tries Iris finds out that they forgot to turn the key to turn on the battery switch! That's why it doesn't want to start... Or this it should be the reason why!

But after a while even with the key on the scooter does not want to start, so they invert the roles! Maybe Miss Iris has more luck on starting it!
She has a different kicking stile from Miss Black Mamba... Sometimes slower is better, right?

After a lot of trials Miss Iris finally manages to start it, but it stays on for a few seconds and then it stalls again! It seems that the scooter is making fun of the two misses...

Will the scooter start? Will the misses go walking to the party?
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